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Revere Consulting has been at the forefront of Electrical Vehicle Charging (EVC), with over 6 years of installing and commissioning EVC. Our EVC installation base is over 5,000 units, and we currently service, support and maintain over 75% of our current install base.

The engineers at Revere Consulting are licensed electricians with extensive training and experience in the service and installation of EV charging stations. We work with InCharge Energy/ABB to offer industry-leading hardware, innovating software and service support from coast to coast.

Our Charging Solutions are Perfect for:

Residential Charging

Public Charging

Workplace Charging

Fleet Charging

We Offer Three Levels of EV Charging Hardware

Residential EV Charging (L1AC EV Charger)

The level 1 charger is the slowest and least expensive level of charging that’s typically used for residential charging. It adds about 3-5 miles of range per hour, which times well with charging overnight at home. This charger can typically be plugged into a 120V outlet (which is standard in U.S. homes).

Multiuse EV Charging (L2AC)

This mid-level charging option can be used for workplace, residential and fleet charging. It’s slower for public charging but adds 10-20 miles of range per hour. This charger does require additional hardware, but typically not infrastructure or power upgrades, causing less disruption to your current setup.

Fleet & Public EV Charging (DCFC)

This top-tier charger is powerful enough for fleet and public charging. It adds up to 80% charge in a mere 30 minutes, making it the most time-efficient and suitable for on-the-go charging. As the most powerful charger, it requires power upgrades to accommodate it’s needs.

Oversee Your Fleet or Public Network with Charging Management Software

When you partner with our team, you won’t just get top-of-the-line hardware, you’ll also get game-changing management software. This software gives you a ton of great insights and handy capabilities, including:

  • The ability to view, manage, and analyze your charging activity

  • The benefit of predicting analytics of charging habits to help reduce expenses

  • The flexibility to customize based on users, such as rules for certain users or charging limits

  • The capability to see real-time information on vehicle battery level, error notifications, and more

It Only Takes Five Simple Steps to Add a Charging Fleet

Adding an EV charging fleet will make a big impact, but the installation itself doesn’t have to be a major expedition. We try to make it simple and help you identify grant and rebate support to meet your financial needs. If you’re looking to add an EV charging fleet, you can expect our team to:

1. Evaluate your site
2. Come up with a plan and identify financial solutions
3. Start Construction
4. Bolt everything down
5. Conduct the final commissioning so you can use your new chargers!

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